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Do I Have Sciatica?

At our Express Chiropractic Keller office we see a lot of people with Sciatica… sometimes associated with lower back pain and sometimes without low back pain.

Defined… Sciatica is pain in the hip, outer part of the thigh and down into the leg and often times the foot.

Some people may describe it as numbness, burning, aching, pain or even a toothache in their leg.

For each person the ‘sensation’ they are feeling can be a little different.

The big question is ‘what is causing your Sciatic nerve pain (Sciatica)?’

At our Keller Chiropractic Office we see many people in various stages of Sciatica and even with pain that is ‘pseudo-sciatica’ which is symptoms that are similar to Sciatica but in reality not a compression of the Sciatic nerve roots at the spinal level.

In reality there may be many different causes of pain into the hip and down the leg.

It could be secondary to disc bulging, bone spurs, deterioration in the space between spinal bones or subluxations which are small misalignments or loss of proper motion in one or more spinal bones leading to nerve irritation. If it affects the sciatic nerve then Sciatica type symptoms may occur.

At our Express Chiropractic offices we technically only diagnose and care for the ‘subluxations.’ However, many of the other conditions that can lead to Sciatica may have started as seemingly minor subluxations of spinal bones that then progressed to more significant and complex problems.

In one study of 283 patients with chronic low back and leg pain were given 2 to 3 weeks of chiropractic adjustments. 81% of patients with referred pain achieved a “good” result defined as symptom-free to mild intermittent symptoms but with “no restrictions for work or other activities.”



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