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Expect your first visit and every visit to be thorough, relaxing and effective…

If you have never experienced the power of a chiropractic care then you may not be sure what to expect on the first visit*.

And while every office is slightly different, at Express Chiropractic & Wellness you can rest assured that your doctor is:



Up to date on the latest techniques

Courteous and Compassionate

The doctor will begin by taking a thorough history and completing an evaluation of your spine. Once it is determined you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, you will receive your first adjustment to the areas where misalignment of the joints is found to be present.

An adjustment is a light to moderate force into improperly aligned spinal bones (or other areas such as shoulder joints, ankles and elbows) to help restore their proper alignment and motion.

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*If you plan to come to the office within 1 hour of closing time for lunch or for the evening, please call prior to arriving so that we can make sure there is enough time for you to be seen.