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Is Health Just Dumb Luck?

Some people think wellness is all luck…like a genetic lottery where you win a strong immune system, better energy or healthier spine.

And while genetic factors no doubt play a role in your health today and how gracefully you age into the future, you actually have more control over it than you think.

From the moment of conception through adolescence and into adulthood, your body is working everyday to recreate the best possible version of you.

That includes miraculous ‘behind the scenes’ functions such as healing your organs, killing off bacteria and repairing damaged tissues like skin, muscles, ligaments and spinal discs.


All these functions and thousands more are orchestrated by a natural (inborn) power within you that is controlled largely by the nervous system.

If YOU are making it tough on your body to perform its’ natural inborn functions to the best of its ability then you are also sabotaging your opportunity to feel great and age as well as you otherwise would.

If you eat and drink junk all the time, then your body is going to have a harder time regulating your hormones and healing your liver, pancreas and other vital organs leading to the diseases that result from dys-function of these organs over time.

If you don’t stretch, exercise and keep your spine aligned, your body has a harder time moving which means you are more likely to strain or damage a muscle, joint or ligament when you do yard work or even are just sitting at the computer for hours on end.

If you don’t get enough quality sleep, your body doesn’t have the chance to do what it does while you are sleeping – like shrink fat cells (yes most weight loss occurs while you are asleep), healing vital organs, cleaning up the lymph system and blood stream, etc.

While I could cite a hundred more examples, the point is that if you are creating too much damage and clean up for your innately intelligent body to manage, then over time it WILL become overwhelmed and you WILL begin to show the signs of it.

Just as you only have X amount of hours in a day to get your work done, your body has just the same number of hours in a day to get its’ work done. If the work is piling up faster than it can get done, it will start to show. It’s just a matter of time.

Dr. D






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