Almost daily the doctors at Express Chiropractic are asked which mattress brand is best.

Typically practice members ask this in conjunction with explaining how they believe their current mattress may be causing spine problems.

A general rule is when choosing a mattress, don’t worry so much about the brand but rather just pick what feels right on your first impression.

Considerations to Make when Buying a New Mattress

Be careful with an extra firm mattress… it can create pressure points on your shoulders and hips. If it will be like sleeping on the floor night after night then chances are it will start to dig into you at some point. If you are a back sleeper it might work fine but if you are a side sleeper it might get uncomfortable after a few hours.  If you are a stomach sleeper, you are in trouble regardless of the surface you sleep on because of the rotation of your neck and prolonged arch it creates in the lower back – right now is the time to break that habit.

The converse of a mattress that is too firm – and worse option – is a bed that is too soft and doesn’t provide the proper support for your spine.

If your mattress is more than 5 years old it has likely broken down to some degree and you might need consider shopping around for  a new one. When looking for a mattress make sure you take your time and lay on several of them. Make sure the one you choose has a money back guarantee. You won’t really know how well it works for you until several nights of sleeping on it.

More importantly however – if your spine is out of alignment it won’t matter how you sleep. you won’t wake feeling completely rested and energized and will have some aches and pains.

Almost daily a new patient will come in and say they believe their mattress is “bad.” It is not until they get their spine properly aligned again that their sleep improves and they realize that while the mattress may have been exacerbating the condition, it was not the cause.

The goal with making regular chiropractic checkups part of your overall wellness lifestyle is to keep your spine and body functioning at its best. By keeping your spine aligned and ensuring your mattress provides adequate spine support while you sleep, you should notice more energy and overall better function in your daily activities.