Looking Down at Tablets, Phones and Hunching over Computers for Hours Day after Day can have a Detrimental Net Effect on Your Spine.

Short term effects may include tension in the shoulders or even neck and back pain or headaches – typically resulting from spinal bones that have lost their proper alignment.

If left untreated, the long term effects can be much more serious including:

  • Early onset spinal degeneration
  • Restricted breathing
  • Vertebral subluxations
  • Depression and more

Some studies show as many as 10% of ten year old kids already show signs of early disc deterioration.


  1. Keep the mobile device lifted to eye level. The higher your hold the device the less your neck will be flexed.
  2. Put your neck in positions that will counter the effects of bending the head forward. Something as simple as laying on your back with a rolled up towel under your neck will help.
  3. Perform exercises that will strengthen and stabilize posture in the neck and upper back.

If you need specific exercises let us know in the office and we will give you some exercise sheets to help get you going.

Get your child’s spine checked. If symptoms are significant or have been ongoing for a long time, an xray might be necessary.

Keep in mind an adjustment on younger kids is very gentle.

Either way we are here for you if you need us!

Dr. Daron Stegall, Dr. Kinnison, Dr. Cornish and the Express Team