The Holiday Season is upon us again, along with it comes the celebrations with friends and family.  Unfortunately so does the overeating, apples_to_oranges_800_clr_5502weight gain and illness.  As we see all too often at our gatherings are the plates full of food and yes, the desserts, you can’t forget those.   So, before you go and pile on the desserts that are loaded with sugars and refined carbs, remember that the research has shown the link with certain cancers to obesity.

The news is not all doom and gloom, there are some simple ways to enjoy the holidays and still keep your health from suffering.  Here are some tips for eating and living a healthier holiday season this year and beyond:

1.      Change it up

There are healthier alternative ingredients you can use instead of the usual refined ones we typically use.

·         Finely-ground white wheat flour, almond flour or coconut flour will replace refined white flour.

·         Use unsweetened applesauce instead of Oil

·         Replace refined sugar with maple syrup, agave nectar, honey or coconut sugar.


2.      Nut, Nuts, Nuts

Don’t go to the holiday party hungry, snack on a handful of nuts before you leave the house.  This will make less likely that you will overindulge on the party trays, sweets and alcohol.


3.      Try some healthier desert options

Having a sweet tooth doesn’t have to mean deserts have to be off limits.  There are some deserts that have cancer fighting ingredients in them:

·         Dark chocolate-covered strawberries

·         No crust pumpkin pie

·         Black bean brownies


4.      Watch the alcohol consumption

There are some research studies out there that show that alcohol may have some health benefits when consumed in moderate amounts, the key term is moderate.  When consumed in excessive amounts, alcohol can impair judgment, cause liver damage, heart problems and even cancer.


5.      Don’t be a couch potato

The body likes to be in motion.  Finding the time to exercise can be difficult throughout the year especially around the holiday season.  Everyone can find 10-15 minutes in their day to take a brisk walk or jog, preferably outside, but anywhere will be helpful.  If you have a special activity you like, find the time to make it a part of your daily routine, exercise will help you manage the stress of the holiday’s, thwart the weight gain and reduces the risk of other disease processes.


6.      Avoid the germs

As you know, tis the season for the colds and flu.  Avoid these guys with keeping your hands washed throughout the day.  If you have kids or grandkids, make sure you stress the importance to them of washing their hands for at least 45 seconds.  Also, teach them to sneeze or cough in the bend of their elbow and not in the hands.


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