Almost daily a patient will ask “what is the best kind of pillow to use?”

It’s a great question and since my business is the business of helping people keep their spine aligned, I thought a quick post about it was justified.

So that I could legitimately say I researched it, I looked at 2 articles on ‘Top Rated Pillows.’

These articles give you their top rated pillows (and conveniently a link to go purchase it from that is no doubt tied to their own account) for many different categories.

Categories included pillows such as the natural pillow, the synthetic pillow, the side sleepers pillow, orthopedic pillow, wedge pillow, pillows full of feathers, pillows packed with beads, and even the stomach sleepers pillow.

If you’ve ever tried to shop for a new pillow then you know there are more choices than you could possibly process. So what happens?

Well you likely end up selecting the one that is best marketed towards the discomfort you are trying to ‘cure.’

Sometimes it seems to do the trick and more often it becomes just another pillow that is stowed in a closet as you move on to the next promised miracle.

So, after all that ranting, which pillow is the best?

The answer is I don’t know (but I do have an opinion I will reveal in a moment) and neither does anyone else. It really comes down to whichever one seems to aid in getting you the most comfortable and restful sleep

So let’s start there… ‘restful.’