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I have been coming to Express for over 5 years. My first visit was due to my back ‘going out’. Dr. Stegall got me back on my feet VERY quickly, and I’ve been a fan and regular patient ever since. The entire staff is very professional and personable. I never feel like a number in the machine, I consider Dr. Stegall a friend. He has always gone beyond the expectations and is very good about talking with me technically about what going on with my body. He’s treated a couple of my family members very successfully as well. I can not recommend this clinic high enough. I’m a raving fan and would confidently recommend their services to everyone.

Dean Speers

Love everyone here. Great service and excellent price. Two convenient locations. Just one note, Saturdays at the Fort Worth location can get crazy busy so try to stick to visits during the week when it’s less busy!

Jack Degnon

Great and friendly service! Doctors and massage therapist are Awesome! I highly recommend going here everyone is welcoming and take time to listen to your needs!

Lisseth Gonzalez

One word….Great…I am on the 79 dollar monthly plan…that should speak for itself.
What i will add is…..What Moses did with his walking stick…to part the red sea…The Doctors their…., do with their hands and adjusting instruments…

John Opitz

I love Express Chiropractic! Dr. K is awesome! He is very knowledgeable in Chiro care and has helped me tremendously. I also love Dr. Stegall! He is a big reason why I am able to get thru my work day! I can’t thank them enough. The massage therapist, Claire, is so good! She is very friendly and does an amazing job relieving the aches and pains of my muscles. She’s so funny, too! Then there is sweet Kelly, the receptionist. She’s quiet, very good with the people and has a beautiful smile. She makes you feel welcome! What a great place to stop in! Love love love Express!

Deb Savage

I came here with just a feeling…. Absolutely love both Dr. Kennison and Dr. Stegall. I was given a consultation prior to any treatment. Claire, the massage therapist is amazing and very talented.

I will be coming here for all my chiropractic needs! Oh, did I tell you the fees for their services is mind-blowing. The prices are extremely affordable. There are two membership plans available also. I just found out they have several locations.


Debbi Augerlavoie

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