Ask my son the first food or drink you should take in every morning and he will answer “Dr. Pepper.”

He thinks that’s hilarious to say when I ask him that question every morning while pushing a glass of water towards his sleepy little face.

The correct answer is of course water. Just a good ol’ 12 ounce glass of water will work wonders in flushing toxins out of the blood and body, waking up the organs and putting your metabolism into overdrive.

Next, you need to eat.

And for a multitude of health reasons you should eat foods that will help create a more alkaline body (with a pH level above 7). 

A more acidic body (lower pH) is more susceptible to illness and chronic pain conditions.

So the goal plain and simple is to have a body that is more alkaline.

While it makes sense to reduce the foods such as soda, coffee, beef, pastries and alcohol that push your blood and body towards an acidic pH level, it also makes sense to focus on including more alkaline foods in your daily diet. 

And because you often can’t predict just how busy you will get during the day, getting alkaline foods infused into your morning meal is a great way to ensure you are starting the day off right!