It’s 2017 and Resolutions are in full swing.2017paincyclepic_kellerpost0117

And for most its a time to hit the ‘reset’ button on their health and recommit to improving and maintaining it at a higher level.

Here’s a few tips for Jump-Starting your 2017 in the Right Direction.

1. Start Small: Most people set goals for improving health that are way too aggressive and set them up for failure. Completely cutting out soda cold turkey or going to the gym every day at 5am when that is not what you are accustomed to will likely fade away as the few 30 degree dark rainy mornings wait for you on the other side of that door.

Start small. For example if you drink 2 Dr. Peppers a day cut it in half and allow yourself 1. That may be more ‘doable’ than trying to eliminate it altogether. If you are going to start walking around the block or going to the gym, start at 3 days a week and work up from there.

By starting with small changes that you can more easily stay committed to, you increase the odds you will see some long term success. That gives you a sense of accomplishment and lays down the foundation on which you can build the bigger changes.

2. Tell a Friend: For most people, declaring to others they will make a change increases the odds they will stick with it because they don’t want to be seen as a ‘failure’ in the eyes of their family and friends.

I caution you however to make sure you only share your mission with those that will support it. Sharing it with those that don’t practice healthy habits will sabotage the entire operation. If you don’t have a positive influence to share it with, keep it a secret. People will know soon enough as they see the new you emerge.

3. Be the Inspiration: Look, if you are living in a house where exercise is not common place but ho-hos and soda pop are, you will have a tough time really getting healthy. Be the driving force that sets the standard of health and inspire everyone around you to follow.

Whether its a well-crafted infomercial for a new diet plan or exercise DVD, or the dawn of a New Year, we all get inspired from time to time to make a change. You can be that inspiration for your family and friends.

Not only can you change lives while you change your own but it will also create an additional driving force that will keep you on track – other people depending on your for guidance. It’s a powerful weapon that will keep you motivated.

The reality is that your health is in your hands.

When my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s years ago, as the disease began to exact it’s toll on her health she said “son don’t ever lose your health. Once its gone nothing else matters.” In other words, you can have all the money, friends and stuff in the world but if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it, what do you really have.

Use the New Year as a time to make a change. But understand that radical and emphatic rarely lasts. Try slow and methodical… you might be surprised at the results!

– Daron Stegall, DC (Express Chiropractic Keller)