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Going under the assumption that we all have room for improvement… how would you describe a better, happier version of yourself? Or better yet try to visualize what a ‘better you’ would look and sound like.

Would you speak a little softer and be a little more kind? Would you speak a little louder and be a little more assertive?

Would you make more money? Would you give away more money to a charity or church?

Would you stress less and spend more time with family?

Perhaps you see yourself as thinner or stronger or having more energy. Or maybe it’s a new more active you that no longer suffers with back pain.

Chances are you have envisioned yourself looking, living, feeling or even behaving differently.  

There’s also a good chance you have thought about how you might transform yourself into what you see as that better version of yourself, or even made attempts to make a change.

Were you successful in your plight or did you fall short?

The Real First Step to Success

A few weeks ago I found myself knee deep in a ‘spirited debate’ with my brother-in-law. He’s a fairly hardheaded and opinionated fella who doesn’t care for being told he’s wrong.