Let’s face some facts about Wellness and then we will get into the Wellness Tips.

First, you are getting healthier or unhealthier.  The body is not stagnant. It’s your choice on which direction you want to go.

Next, what you eat – i.e. nutrient dense food – is the number 1 factor (IMO) to building health.

Reducing stress is a close second.

Getting exercise is third.

The reality for many people is this…

They feel there is not enough Time and really don’t have the Desire (or most likely the Discipline) to take the steps needed to improve health.


So, what are the simple steps you can take as a compromise between ‘not diving in head first’ but still ‘making gains?’

8 Easy Wellness Tips

1. Drink More Water (and make it the first thing you do) – When you wake up, drink a glass of water of 8oz or more before anything else goes in your mouth. Drink at least 6 more as the day goes along. There is no excuse for being dehydrated.

2. Eat Protein for Breakfast (rather than carbohydrate based foods) – Think eggs and ham rather than pancakes or cereals. Add an apple and some raw spinach to balance it out.

3. Bike, Jog (or Walk) 4 Days a Week for 25 minutes minimum – Move fast with purpose to get your heart rate up and a little sweat flowing.

4. Strengthen your Muscles 4 Days a week for 15 minutes  – Simple squats holding a chair, shallow lunges (where you just go down a little), pushups and crunches is a great start. And you are done.

5. Avoid Fad Diets – Americans spend more than $30 billion annually for weight loss programs and products looking for a quick fix. There is NO quick fix.

6. Avoid Fast Food Restaurants – Americans spend more than $100 billion on fast food. Try a salad with grilled chicken. Your heart will thank you and you won’t have that miserable urge to sleep at your desk.

7. Get your Spine Checked – Subluxations (misaligned and stuck spinal bones) is considered by many experts to be one of the most commonly misdiagnosed issues leading to headaches, pain, low energy, poor sleep and more. A well-adjusted spine = a well-adjusted life and the energy to do more.

8. Take a Break – People in the U.S. are continuing to add more time to work and taking less time for leisure. Get off the grid on occasion so you can decompress and renew your energy and passion for work and life.  In other words walk away and control your stress!


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