The search term “Chiropractor Near Me” is a very popular online entry for people seeking a nearby chiropractor.

Simple steps that can help you find the right chiropractor for your condition.

Did you know that not all chiropractors use the same techniques?

Did you know that not all chiropractic offices offer the same services?

At Express Chiropractic Keller we are serious about making sure you are at the right type of chiropractor and chiropractic office. We even tell people on their first visit that “let’s make sure you are at the right place for you right now.”

It’s not to be insensitive but quite the opposite. We are very sensitive to your needs and want to make sure you are at the best type of chiropractor for you and what is going on with you at that moment.

Nonetheless, even though I am a chiropractor, if I was searching for a chiropractor here is what I would do.

First, search online through Bing or Google for “Chiropractor Near Me.”

Second, look at the top 5 results and see what their overall star rating is. Most chiropractors should have 4.5 stars or higher or there is likely some issue with the customer experience (not the adjustment delivered by the chiropractor per se but usually more of an issue with the customer service)

Third, click on the website link for a few offices. Here is why this is the most critical step! No all offices are the same. Here is what I would recommend you look for:

  1. Do they take insurance or is it a cash office? If you are wanting to use your insurance then you want to see if your particular plan is accepted. If you are not going to be using insurance than you will of course be seeking a ‘cash practice’ business. *Note: Often the rates at a cash (no-insurance) office will be cheaper than an insurance copay.
  2. Do they offer the services you are seeking? There is a big difference between an office like Express Chiropractic in Keller where we offer only Adjustments and Massage. You might be seeking other services like ‘decompression,’ or ‘physical therapy.’
  3. ¬†Call them!! See how they answer the phone. Is it welcoming or does it sound like you are bothering them? This is a big indicator of how your experience in the office is likely to be. Just ask a few questions like “what services do you offer?” or “how long does the first visit typically take?”

My best advice is don’t just assume the chiropractor is the best fit for you and your conditions or problems. Every day we have people in our office that should be at a different chiropractor and we are quick to let them know. While they no doubt appreciate us getting them routed to the correct place, it’s still a pain in the rear to fill out all the onboarding information just to find out you are at the wrong place.

A little homework and a quick call can help you make the right decision on the first try.



Daron Stegall, DC is COO of Express Chiropractic LLC and Express Chiropractic Franchising LLC, companies dedicated to providing more convenient routine chiropractic care to local families through a walk-in chiropractic office model with affordable rates and no insurance needed.