Children and Chiropractic

The Dangers of Carrying a Heavy Backpack


Every day, parents bring their children into Express Chiropractic Keller with pain and postural distortions related to carrying a backpack. This article discusses the dangers of heavy and prolonged wearing of backpacks and how to avoid them. A backpack is an essential part of just about every kid’s life. And while they can be a [...]

The Dangers of Carrying a Heavy Backpack2021-03-03T21:36:45+00:00

Can a Chiropractor Cure Earaches?


While chiropractic and chiropractors don't cure any specific condition, research shows that through the process of reducing nerve inflammation by improving stuck and even misaligned spinal bones, they can positively impact many conditions. Otitis Media (commonly known as an Ear Ache) is an emotional hot button for parents and not exactly a day at the [...]

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How to Adjust a Child – Chiropractic for Kids


Chiropractic care for your child is something you may have never considered or even thought wasn’t safe. In reality, chiropractic care for kids is quickly gaining in popularity as a safe, drug-free way to help improve or restore a child’s health. At Express Chiropractic in Keller and Express Chiropractic Fort Worth we see a lot [...]

How to Adjust a Child – Chiropractic for Kids2021-03-03T21:33:51+00:00
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