You need a clear head to perform your work tasks daily.

When a Migraine comes on, that focus is out the window.

Most people get headaches occasionally, but a Migraine affects your ability to sleep and stay productive at the same time. That’s because it comes with a tingling feeling of pain at any spot in your brain.

Anyone who has experienced a Migraine is aware of the accompanying effects of nausea and sensitivity. One of the best treatments is taking pain-relieving medication.

Another option is treatment with a Chiropractor.

With a Chiropractor, the focus is to treat Neuro-muscular disorders and body pains. You can’t find any other health expert capable of treating body pains (especially back pain) using exercise, ergonomics, and therapies other than a chiropractor.

Read on to see what exactly a chiropractor does to treat Migraines.

What Is Migraine and Who Does It Affect?

To establish how a Chiropractor works, you do need to understand what a Migraine is. The condition of a Migraine comes as a severe headache with an established symptom of pulsing sensation in the human head.

Medically, the condition is said to come from the enlargement of blood vessels in the head- Vasodilation. Although researchers do not know the exact cause of a Migraine, several studies have shown that it is associated with several trigger factors.

The trigger factors include environmental, physical, and emotional stress. You will also find other triggers like:

  1. Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes such as the release of estrogen (the hormone responsible for the reproductive system in female) causes headache. In fact, most women report the occurrence of Migraine right before or during menstruation. Besides, The World health organization states that Migraine occurs at a factor of 2:1 from women to men due to hormonal influences.
  2. Certain Food: What you eat determines your state of health over time. A research study from the Journal of the American Headache Society states food like Chocolate, caffeine, milk, aged cheese to be a common trigger of Migraine. The same goes for red wine and food additives like aspartame or Monosodium Glutamate. The best case is to steer out of high intake to avoid Migraines.
  3. Alignment: The nerves that impact pain into the head are found at the upper part of the neck. If these nerves are irritated or in any way impacted by the alignment of the upper neck spinal bones or surrounding muscles and ligaments, a headache can ensue. It is possible the headache can manifest (usually with additional factors associated) into a Migraine.

Migraines can also manifest from dehydration, too much screen time, vigorous exercise, and dangerous smells (like perfume, paint, and smoke)

How a Chiropractor Treats a Migraine

Although the use of medication can help with Migraines, it’s not usually the best remedy. The truth is, drugs don’t remove the underlying cause, it only addresses some mild symptoms. Too much medication on its own comes with several side effects.

Ideally, you would have to monitor your food intake, social activities, sleep cycle, exercise, and the onset of pain to determine the best form of treatment. Nevertheless, if you are tired of taking medications, then consider visiting a Chiropractor.

A chiropractor can help prevent or alleviate migraine attacks through adjustments that decrease the ultimate cause of the Migraine, which is stress on the body in some shape or form.

What a Chiropractor does, in this case, is to realign the spine part or other origin of Migraine causative factors.

A chiropractor uses the hands-on method of manipulation on parts of the spine with muscle tension and nerve irritation. You can also refer to this as a manual form of therapy a chiropractor uses to relieve body pains.

Another form of therapy conducted by a chiropractor is soft tissue therapy which involves gentle massages. That’s different from one received in a spa since a chiropractor does take urgent care to investigate the site of pain.

What Will A Chiropractor Do When You Visit for Migraine Headache Treatment?

  • The first thing a chiropractor does is ask questions about your pain, talk about your lifestyle and work-related stress.
  • The next step, assuming you are a good candidate for care, is to work on the joint motion, alignment in some cases and muscles in many cases.
  • In most cases, the chiropractor performs cervical adjustments on the neck to help with Migraine relief. Cervical manipulation involves gentle rotation of the neck, which may result in a pop sound and helps realign the joints and restore mobility. Adjustments with instruments is also a possibility.

In some other cases, a chiropractor offers essential advice and consultations on food intake, exercise, and other lifestyles for preventive treatment. And when it seems complicated, a chiropractor will help rehabilitate you from environmental conditions that induce in Migraine.


Migraine headaches are a troubling condition that affects your social and work life. Hence, you must take it seriously and explore complementary options beyond traditional medication when it isn’t yielding long-term results.

Fortunately, you can always book a session with a Local Keller chiropractor for migraine relief. If you are not a good candidate for care, the doctors at Express Chiropractic in Keller can help guide you toward your next move for assessment and care.