Express Chiropractic Keller is excited to add a new member to the family of chiropractors and massage therapists working hard to provide routine chiropractic and massage care to people in our communities.

Announcing… duh duh duh!… Express Chiropractic of Alamo Heights.

Dr. William Ursprung and Kevin Edgerton, LMT, are celebrating the official grand opening of Express Chiropractic & Wellness in Alamo Heights, Texas.

Mr. Edgerton is a licensed massage therapist and is retired from the US Army as a Special Forces Detachment Commander. Dr. Ursprung is a licensed chiropractor with more than 15 years of practice experience and a former Navy Combat Diver.

Going to be in Alamo Heights any time soon? The cool part is that your membership will be valid at all locations so if you are down in this area, stop in and say hello or get an adjustment while you are there.

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Express Chiropractic Keller is a brand dedicated to providing routine chiropractic and massage care to Keller, Wautaga, North Fort Worth and surrounding areas.