Chiropractic care for your child is something you may have never considered or even thought wasn’t safe.

In reality, chiropractic care for kids is quickly gaining in popularity as a safe, drug-free way to help improve or restore a child’s health.

At Express Chiropractic in Keller and Express Chiropractic Fort Worth we see a lot of kids and are used to not only administering a safe adjustment but even more importantly… gaining the trust of the child that is trusting us with his or her spine.

So how is it done?

For a hands-on manual adjustment on an adult, the average chiropractor uses 400 newtons to adjust.

The pressure used to adjust a child under 1 year old is typically about 20 newtons.

20 N = 4.5 lbs of force.

To give you a good comparison, the pressure most people use when typing on a keyboard is 13 newtons of force.

As a child gains size and mass, the adjustment pressure increases slightly.

But pressure is not the most important component. Speed is what is essential.

Because of the different joint structure in kids, adjustments require less pressure but greater speed.

This is why we use tools such as the spring loaded and electric tools you see in our office

With kids… we may use 90% less pressure, less amplitude but greater velocity.

If your child suffers with aches and pains, consider getting him or her checked out at Express or your local chiropractor.

Remember… “As the twig is bent so grows the tree.” Improving alignment issues at a younger age is easier than at an older age.

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