Your relationship with your chiropractor is a very private and personal relationship. When you go into a new chiropractic office in your area, you are entrusting your health into the judgement and adjusting of someone you just met.

The goal is to put the odds in your favor that you are going to have a great visit on the first encounter and every visit thereafter.

We decided you might benefit from four simple tips to finding the best chiropractor in your area:

  1. Ask close friends that have a similar mindset. Anyone that you feel like

thinks the same way you do is probably going to be a great referral source when seeking a local chiropractor. In our clinical experience, we find that our best customers and patients are those referred from friends and family members. Why? Usually because they have a similar mindset about health.

Friend Recommendation Tip: People love to recommend something they use to others. It does not always mean that product or service is really that great. Whether you ask a friend or just post the question on a social media platform, pry a little deeper with questions like “what do you like about them?”

2. Check out the office website. It’s safe to say that a website speaks volumes on the professionalism of an office. A website that has pictures of the office and the staff will give you a great feeling about what you are about to ‘walk into.’ As well, by reading a couple of the pages you can get an idea on pricing, adjusting techiques and the professionalism with which the website was written.

Website Assessment Tip: Most chiropractic offices (whether they designed their own website or had it done by a professional) will be responsible for providing the content of the website. So, in other words you can get a sense of the office philosophy about care and customer service when reading the website.

3. Seek a ‘owner-operator’ clinic. As a general rule, any office that is run by the owner, i.e. the chiropractor that is going to adjust you (or at the very least be in the office working) will have a higher quality of care. That is not meant to be a slam on a national franchise or investor owned office that hired chiropractors to work in it. There are some amazing chiropractors that work in these facilities.

Owner-Operator Tip: A owner that runs his or her own office is on the hook for the expenses associated with running a business. That means they are high vested in ensuring your have a great experience.

4. Look at reviews. As hard as it is for small businesses to get reviews and as scary as it is to think about getting a bad review, they are a great way to see what others think about an office. An office with a lot of reviews will typically mean it is an office that a lot of people are going to. That in turn tells you that the office likely get’s a lot of referrals.

Online Reviews Tip: Good reviews are great to see. But also look at any bad reviews and see how the owner responds. Are they dismissive or do they still show compassion even in a situation where they likely believe the poor review was unfounded?

Finding a new local chiropractor is not something to be taken lightly.

By asking questions to friends and doing a little digging on the reputation of the chiropractor or chiropractic office, you can reduce the chances your experience will be less than what you had hoped.

At Express Chiropractic in Keller, our mission is to ensure you have an experience that far exceeds the money and time spent in the office. We believe it has served us well to date and will take us far into the future as a highly recommended and highly reviewed chiropractic office in Keller, Texas.