We often get asked which protein powder is ideal to use in protein shakes.

In this short article we will cover the differences by looking at them based on what you are intending to use it for, so you can determine which protein powder works best for your exercise and dietary needs.

Protein Powder Options:

Before Your Workout:

Soy Protein is a great option. This protein has a lot of the amino acid called arginine. It has also been shown to increase levels of growth-hormone. Because of this it is a good pre-workout protein. I recommend taking it in 30 to 40 minutes pre-workout. You can also mix it with the next protein we will cover – whey protein.

After Your Workout:

Whey Protein is rapidly broken down and used by the body to rebuild muscle. This makes it great for after workouts. In most cases you want to make sure you drink this protein in your shake within 2 hours after your workout. Because of the fast absorption (i.e. assimilation) it is also great for pre-workout shakes.

Meal Replacement:

Casein is much different than whey protein as it is much slower to digest in the body. Because of this, it also releases its amino acids over a long period of time. This slow digestive property makes it a great addition to your post workout shake (that can include whey protein as well for some quick absorbing protein) and can also be used as a meal replacement for those times when your next meal won’t be for a while.


Many of the ever increasingly popular plant-based proteins not only have all the amino acids you need but also have a good absorption rate that allows them to be used for multi-purposes. Pea protein is one of our favorites. It has faster absorption than casein but slower than soy. So it is great to add into your post workout and your meal replacement shakes.

You can mix it with your other proteins as well. The different type of proteins not only have different absorption rates, but they also provide different types of amino acids to your body. For that reason, it is okay to mix the protein powders, but it is also important to understand how each is used in your body so that if you are selecting only one, you understand what to use it for.

As well, not all brands are created equally and many are junk. That is especially true with the plant-based proteins so know your brands.

We recommend Standard Process brand since it is organic and a company with a good track record of high-quality supplements. The Veg-E Complete Pro is a great protein. Vanilla is a good multipurpose flavor as well.


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Hope that helps demystify the protein powder options. Now go make that healthy shake!!